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* * 2020 UPCOMING EVENTS * *



DEADLINE: by 12:00 PM NOON on Sunday, August 30th

- Maximum individual handicap to be used is 40
- 2 person team - one person to sign up their team

- Each team to determine if playing from yellow or red tees
- If both team members are "Full" golfing members, then can choose to play either in the Saturday morning or afternoon draw
- If one or both team members are "Weekday/Weekday Plus" golfing members, then must play in the Saturday afternoon draw
- Draw will be made by Games
- Handicap for the partnership will be made by Games

To read about the format, click on the BFF section in the Golf Schedule

BFF Sign-up

New Electronic Sign-up System for the Weekly Ladies Groups
(2020 Golf Season)

How to sign up:
Below these instructions, you will find "buttons" to select which day you are looking to sign up for.

Sign up deadlines are as follows:
    Monday sign up – by noon on the Wednesday before
    Thursday sign up- by noon on the Saturday before
    Saturday AM sign up – by noon on the Monday before
    Saturday PM sign up – by 6 pm on the Friday before (ie. 8 days before date of play)
You will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully signed up. Please ensure to keep that email so that you can edit if required.
How to cancel your sign up:
You can use your confirmation email to cancel out your sign up as long as you are within the deadline for submission (days/times as noted above).

If you need to cancel after that deadline, you will see the following instructions on the website:
  • All submissions are time-stamped so the convenor will know the exact date/time your submission has been made. If you missed the deadline then you will have to call the Pro Shop, once the online club tee sheet is set, to add your name or to cancel your tee time.
  • You will also need to email the players in your 4some to make them aware that you have cancelled.

To review the full instructions and commentary, CLICK HERE